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Come and experience the finest quality in professional nail care and personalised attention. Our highly skilled nail technicians Use and recommend CND creative nail and OPI Gel Colour professionnel nail products  we provide a full range of natural nail and artificial nail enhancements and services in a clean and comfortable environment.

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Acrylic Nails

Acrylic is the most popular for its strength and durability. It is a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer. The mixture starts to harden in 30-40 seconds after application and hardens typically within fifteen minutes. Acrylic nails help conceal or fix broken, damaged, short, or bad nails. It also helps prevent people from biting their nails, breakage of nails, and protect splits. They are used when people are not able to grow the length and strength of natural nails that they desire. The powders come in a variety of colours which enables the nail technician to create a variety of designs to suit your individualised needs.


Full set start from $70

Infills start from $40

Prices may vary depending on designs.

UV Gel Nails

UV gel nails, which are also called gel nails is a high quality gel (not powder) product which is painted on with a flat brush and hardens under an ultraviolet light. Gels are less durable than acrylic but more flexible as they move more with the natural nail. They also are non toxic and odourless overlay that usually requires less buffing if applied properly by a skilled technician and are a better choice for clients that may have an allergy to acrylic.

Gel colour polish lasts up to 14 days. It goes on simply, wears beautifully, dries immediately and removes with no damage. An alternative to choose for your fingers and toes.

Benefits of Nail Enhancements

• No more uneven lengths
• Prevents nail biters from biting their nails & cuticles
• Can have any desired length, long or short
• Strong and durable
• Can have any shape you desire
• Hands look better
• Polish stays on for a minimum of 2 weeks
• Gel polish can be worn for instantly dried nails
• Don’t have to touch them for at least 2-3 weeks

Natural nails are not harmed by nail enhancements.


Full set start from $40

Prices may vary depending on designs.

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